Water Stewardship Framework

Explore the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard, a universal framework for sustainable water use adopted by businesses, NGOs, and the public sector. The AWS Standard aims to promote water stewardship through equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial water use. By understanding water governance, balance, quality, and other factors, good water stewards engage in actions that benefit people, the economy, and nature.
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How can LakeTech help?
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LakeTech is your dedicated partner in achieving sustainable water management through the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard framework. Our expertise spans across all stages of the stewardship process, beginning with the collection of initial water quality samples. We then install and monitor real-time water quality data systems, ensuring you have accurate information for effective decision-making. In addition, our team of specialists offers tailored implementation recommendations based on your unique circumstances, guiding you through every step of your water management journey. Trust LakeTech to support your organization in becoming a responsible water steward, benefiting both your operations and the environment.
Realtime Monitoring
Realtime monitoring is the core of evaluating the effectiveness of any remedial actions taking place in a water body.  Without appropriate understanding of how the water within the lake is being affected, it will be difficult to truly understand how the remedy is working.
Isopleths allow users to understand variations within the depth of the lake.
LakeTech provides tools to build line charts with weather data on them such as precipitation to understand how rain and air temperature affect your remediation goals.