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LakeTech Water Management Software

LakeTech is a cutting-edge water resources management software designed to help you maintain the health and quality of lakes and ponds. Our software helps you improve water quality sampling and monitoring in the field, and helps you understand how various factors, such as weather and pollution, impact water quality.

Water Quality Data Dashboards

Our Water Quality Data Dashboards offer a dynamic and user-friendly platform for tracking and interpreting water quality data. Harnessing the power of sophisticated algorithms and data visualization tools, LakeTech's dashboards transform complex datasets into clear, actionable insights.

Key features include:

  • Real-Time Data Monitoring: Stay updated with real-time data on water quality parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature.

  • Historical Data Analysis: Access and analyze historical data to identify trends and potential issues in your water bodies over time.

  • Custom Alerts: Set up custom alerts to be notified of any significant changes or breaches in predefined water quality thresholds.

  • Easy Integration: Our dashboards can seamlessly integrate data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of your water bodies' health.

With LakeTech's Water Quality Data Dashboards, monitoring and maintaining the health of your water resources has never been easier.

LakeTech Platform water monitoring dashboard

Field Logs

Our Field Logs feature serves as a comprehensive and organized platform for maintaining and accessing all your field data. This feature is designed to streamline your data management, boost productivity, and ensure accuracy in your lake and pond management tasks.

Key advantages of our Field Logs feature include:

  • Digital Record Keeping: Move away from traditional paper logs and enjoy the ease and efficiency of digital recordkeeping. Record, update, and access field data anytime, anywhere.

  • Data Consistency: Ensure data consistency and accuracy with standardized input formats and automatic error detection.

  • Photo Documentation: Enrich your logs by adding photos directly from the field for more detailed documentation and visual reference.

LakeTech's Field Logs feature is a powerful tool for improving your field operations' efficiency and accuracy. Keep all your important field data at your fingertips and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Benefits of LakeTech Software

LakeTech's water management software stands out in the industry for its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and transformative impact on water resource management. It's designed not just to manage, but to innovate the way we approach lake and pond management.

Here are some key benefits of using LakeTech's software:

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Our software provides comprehensive analytics capabilities, turning raw data into actionable insights for effective water management.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Stay updated with real-time data from your lakes and ponds. Instant alerts for critical parameters help you take timely action.

  • Efficient Planning: The software assists in strategic planning for lake management. Predictive analysis can help you foresee challenges and plan interventions effectively.

  • Cost-Effective: By digitizing and automating numerous tasks, LakeTech's software reduces the need for manual intervention, saving both time and resources.

Dashboard & Platform Examples

Check out some example dashboards

Build widgets to get a real-time visualization of the health of your lake.

Create your sampling nodes and tie real-time sensors to them. You can also create maintenance nodes for equipment repairs.

Check out your data at any time and export a csv of your data if you need to.

Document all field activities with field logs. Add notes and photos to remember what happened when you and your team were on the water.

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LakeTech is a leader in the field of water resources management. Our team is composed of experts in civil engineering, environmental science, GIS analysis, and programming, all working together to deliver high-quality solutions. Our software is a testament to our commitment to maintaining healthy and thriving water bodies across the globe.