Oxygenation Systems for Lakes

Keep Your Lake Healthy and Beautiful with Our Systems

An Overview of Our Advanced Oxygenation Technology

At our organization, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of technological advancement in the enhancement of water quality. Our latest offering, the groundbreaking Oxygenation Technology, is a testament to that commitment. This novel system sets a new standard in water aeration systems by diffusing and circulating oxygen directly into water.

Why use oxygenation?

Our goal is to provide solutions that aim for exceptional performance, dependability, and efficiency. In line with this, our Oxygenation Technology, with its pioneering design and superior functionality, establishes new benchmarks in the industry

The Functioning Principle of our Innovative Aeration System

The cornerstone of our system lies in its exclusive design that aids dissolving oxygen gas directly into the water. This mechanism eradicates bubble formation, subsequently minimizing turbulence, sediment resuspension, and unwanted mixing.

One of the standout features of our Oxygenation Technology is its capability to maintain elevated levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in and over the sediments. This function ensures remarkable water quality that cannot be matched by most aeration systems available today.

Regardless of the depth of the water body or variant climatic conditions, our system can maintain the requisite DO concentrations. This consistent and qualitative oxygen supply, generated directly on-site, labels our aeration system a failsafe solution against oxygen-related fish mortality.

Precision and Efficiency – Asset of our Aeration System

The advanced design of our system integrates an automatic switch ON/OFF feature based on in-lake oxygen levels entrusting a continual and precise oxygen concentration control.

Programmed to envelop regions with accumulated sediments, our system can maintain high DO concentrations. This capability ensures superior water quality which is difficult to achieve with conventional aeration systems.

What is Oxygen Saturation Technology (OST)?

OST is a state-of-the-art aeration system characterized by its patent-pending design, which dissolves oxygen gas directly into the water. Unlike traditional diffused air/aeration systems, OST releases oxygen precisely where it's needed most, especially over sediments. Its standout feature? The OST system eliminates bubbles, thus preventing turbulence, sediment resuspension, and undesirable mixing. This ensures water quality remains exceptional.

OST's Impact on Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Levels

Our recent installation of the OST in a local lake showed a dramatic improvement in DO levels. Data collected over several months indicated a sharp increase in dissolved oxygen, especially in the deeper waters. By late April, the lake's DO concentration witnessed a significant rise, maintaining levels as high as 20 mg/L directly over the sediments. This is a testament to OST's effectiveness in enhancing water quality.

OST vs. Traditional Aeration Systems

The primary challenges faced by many water bodies include muck buildup, harmful algal blooms (HABs), fecal coliform, and odors. These problems are rooted in anoxia, a state of oxygen deficiency, often caused by sediment oxygen demand (SOD). While most water quality management strategies focus on adding oxygen, OST stands out by dissolving oxygen directly into the water through gas dissolution chambers.

Moreover, OST is designed to prevent the release of any bubbles, ensuring that the water remains clear and undisturbed. With its automated functionality, OST can maintain DO concentrations as high as 15-20 mg/L, a feat unmatched by other aeration systems in the market.

OST's Customizability and Efficiency

OST's modular system is scalable, fitting any water body size, from small ponds to vast lakes. The technology offers varying capacities, from 10 kg/d to >60 kg/day O2, ensuring that every water body gets the oxygenation it needs. Plus, with a requirement of 220 volts and 30 amp service per system, it's energy-efficient too!

Key Benefits of Using OST

  • High Oxygen Concentrations: OST can dramatically increase oxygen concentrations to more than 80% saturation.
  • Preservation of Natural Ecosystem: It doesn't disturb sediments or cause unnatural mixing, preserving the lake's natural stratification.
  • Cost Efficiency: Automated runtimes lead to significant electrical cost savings.
  • Targeted Treatment: OST targets issues directly at their source.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: With OST, expect reduced muck, elimination of HABs, and improved overall water quality.

In conclusion, the Oxygen Saturation Technology (OST) offers an unparalleled solution to common water quality issues faced by lakes and ponds. Its state-of-the-art design, combined with its ability to dramatically enhance oxygen levels, makes it an indispensable tool for aquatic ecosystem preservation. As evidenced by our recent data analysis and the technology's inherent features, OST is poised to revolutionize lake aeration systems and ensure healthier water bodies for future generations.