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At LakeTech, we pride ourselves on being your eyes on the water. With expert consulting, advanced technology, and proven strategies, we have established ourselves as a leading name in water quality monitoring and sampling. Our mission is to help you manage your water resources in real-time, ensuring optimal health and quality.

Our Team

Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals, each bringing unique skills and extensive experience to deliver top-notch water resources management solutions. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, including limnology, civil engineering, environmental science, GIS analysis, and programming.

We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds.

Eli Kersh, CLM, PCA, President

Eli Kersh is a Certified Lake Manager from the North American Lake Management Society, where he served as the Director of Region 9 (CA, NV, AZ, HI), and served 3 terms as President of the California Lake Management Society,  He is also a licensed Agricultural Pest Control Adviser in California and served 5 years on the Board of Directors for the California Weed Science Society.

Eli received his Associates Degree in Fire Science form The College of the Siskiyous in 2004 where he worked as was a volunteer firefighter and EMT. After transferring to UC Santa Barbara, he received his Undergraduate degree in Geographic Information Science. After several years working as an independent GIS analyst for Fire & Police Departments and Tribal Governments, he returned to school in 2011 to obtain a Masters degree with an emphasis in Lake Management (Limnology). Eli completed his university thesis "Controlling Eutrophication and Managing Vegetationin Emery Reservoir" 2013.

Greg Smith, MS, Vice President

Greg Smith is a former civil engineer who specialized in lake design and construction turned computer programmer who spear headed the development of the online LakeTech Platform.  His combination of industry knowledge, both technical and real-world, and unique skill set led to creating a one of a kind management platform. Greg studied Environmental Engineering at UC San Diego, and received his Masters from Cal State Fullerton.

Benjamin Chen Headshot for about us page

Benjamin Chen, CLM, Senior Biologist

Benjamin Chen, CLM, has over a decade of providing professional aquatic services. Spurred by a passion for the outdoors and fishing in his home state of Wisconsin, Ben completed his B.S. in Fisheries Management from the University of Minnesota. Afterwards, Ben worked in the fish culture industry in Australia and Alaska and developed skills in maintaining water quality and keeping fish happy. Since then, he has settled in California and began his Lake Management career in Southern California before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area where he currently practices and resides.

Through his career, he has provided private and public entities a myriad of various professional aquatic services, including: nutrient management, algae control, midge & mosquito control, lake biology, fisheries management, integrated pest management, bathymetry & sediment analysis, water quality monitoring and aquatic pesticide applications.

Why Choose LakeTech?

Our Proprietary Solution

One of our standout offerings is the LakeTech Platform. This state-of-the-art software is designed to be a comprehensive tool for lake management. It not only monitors and presents water quality data but also tracks field logs, stores photos, and monitors chemical applications. With real-time monitoring, alerts, chemical application tracking, and seamless data integration, our software ensures comprehensive water resource management.

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