Water Management Software

Transform lake data into actionable insights.

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Water Management Software

At LakeTech, we embody the essential fusion of cutting-edge technology and dedication. Boasting a varied range of services and tailored solutions for specific industries, we guide various enterprises smoothly through their digital evolution.

Data Collection Improves Flexibility, Data Quality and Actionable Insights

LakeTech offers a comprehensive solution for all your water quality and lake data needs. By consolidating this information in a single system, we simplify the process of tracking historical patterns and enhancing lake efficiency. Our intuitive dashboards deliver insights, guiding you towards the necessary steps to elevate the health of your lakes.

Dashboards allow you to visualize up to date lake data in near real-time

Utilize diagrams, visualizations, indicators, and more to deepen your comprehension of your lake's conditions. Gathering and deriving insights from water quality data has never been more straightforward and intuitive.

Dashboard & Platform Examples

Check out some example dashboards

Build widgets to get a real-time visualization of the health of your lake.

Create your sampling nodes and tie real-time sensors to them. You can also create maintenance nodes for equipment repairs.

Check out your data at any time and export a csv of your data if you need to.

Document all field activities with field logs. Add notes and photos to remember what happened when you and your team were on the water.