We provide lake management services for clients and communities.

Our team provides best in class lake management services.

surface water monitoring on boat


We offer a range of onsite services.

Water Sampling

Water quality sampling helps to protect our drinking water, identify pollutants and their sources, and mitigate or prevent water-related problems such as algal blooms, fish kills, and beach closures.

Chemical Applications

We provide expert knowledge of when is the right time to move forward with any chemical applications of your water body.

Bathymetric Map

The first step to any successful lake management ecosystem is to properly map your water body.

I have worked with Mr. Kersh for approximately five years. I have come to rely on Eli for detailed information on aquatic weed issues. I have been impressed with his overall understanding of plant biology and a very deep understanding of the very complex area of aquatic biology and environment.
John Roncoroni
UCCE Weed Science Farm Advisor
I can say, unequivocally, that Eli's made me a better salesperson, a better applicator, and a better person for having known him. As a team member, Eli's strength lies in presenting alternative pathways to solve complex environmental problems, and to provide meaningful challenges whenever necessary in established process.
Andrew Z Skibo, PhD
Owner, Amaruq Environmental Services
Eli at LakeTech has provided PCA services for me over the past 2 years, assisting me with the diagnosis and treatment plan for a large property in Santa Cruz County dealing with invasive vegetation.
Zach Smith
Owner, Touch Trees
Eli has been very helpful in providing me with guidance when working on various lake management projects through GIS applications. His expertise in the field and enthusiasm to help makes it easy a pleasure to work with Eli.
John (Jack) Pritchett
Project Biologist/GIS Specialist, EcoResource Solutions, Inc.
Eli has been excellent to work with. He's very personable and always available to answer limnology questions/have discussions. I value his knowledge of lake management, willingness and passion to explain/teach, honesty, and integrity for good science. Can't recommend Eli or his services enough.
Sonja Wixam
Lake Manager & Limnology Educator, PondMedics
As the noxious weeds coordinator for the Nevada Department of Agriculture, I had the privilege of working with Eli while cosponsoring training events for licensed and certified applicators throughout the state as well as assisting landowners address noxious weed infestations in environmentally sensitive areas. While assisting me with these duties, I found his superior communication skills coupled with his technical knowledge effectively relayed complex information to a wide range of interested parties from skilled to novice. Thanks for the help Eli.
Sean Gephart, CCA, PCA
Nevada division of Forestry