We provide clients and communities water resources consulting.

Our team will help you develop a lake management plan, provide industry recommendations for products, equipment and contractors, and offer expert accountability.

Who we are

Eli spent many years working in and traveling to remote wilderness areas of Alaska and Canada as a fishing and kayaking guide. Through these and other experiences he developed knowledge and skills that led him to seek an academic path geared towards the Outdoors.

He received his undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara in 2007 where he majored in Geographic Information Science. After several years working as an independent GIS analyst for Fire & Police Departments, Indian Tribes, and other agencies, he returned to school in 2011 to obtain a masters degree in Limnology with an emphasis in Lake Management. Eli completed his thesis on Eutrophication of Lakes and Vegetation Management in 2013.

Eli Kersh is a Certified Lake Manager from the North American Lake Management Society, where he currently serves as the Director of Region 9 (CA, NV, AZ, HI). He served 3 years as President of the California Lake Management Society, and is on the Board of Directors for the California Weed Science Society. Eli’s extensive experience and network allows him to help you source the right equipment, products, and contractors that are best suited for your budget and needs.


Develop a Lake Management Plan

We use a comprehensive IPM approach to create a lake management plan that works with your budget and fits your needs.

Industry Recommendations

From years of experience, we know the best in the industry. We will recommend the right products, equipment and contractors for your budget and needs.

Expert Accountability

We coordinate and oversee work done by contractors so you can rest easy knowing your lake is managed by a professional.

Managing Manmade Lakes & Ponds

I regularly hear clients say, “My lake never looked like this before”, and they are right. What they are describing is the aging process of eutrophication. Manmade lakes by definition are of course not naturally occurring. If a geographic location was conducive to the formation of a lake, there would likely already be one there.

Lake Stewardship

As an owner of or resident on a lake in which so much wildlife is dependent, thoughtful and knowledgeable stewardship requires an understanding of how your day to day activities impact your lake. Understanding the pros and cons of your actions not just in the lake but in the surrounding watershed is vital for responsible management and your continued enjoyment.