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How Kasco Marine Partnered with LakeTech to Enhance Pond Aeration Using Surface Aerators


Dissolved oxygen is a critical component of every healthy pond or lake. If you've been dealing with issues such as sluggish fish or excess algae, you'll want to read on. In collaboration with LakeTech, Kasco Marine, an industry leader in water aeration solutions, offers compelling evidence on how surface aerators can enhance your water quality.

The Kasco and LakeTech Collaboration

Kasco Marine, led an in-depth study in August to evaluate the efficacy of Kasco's surface aerators. Using cutting-edge equipment provided by Eli Kirsch of LakeTech, this study aimed to understand precisely how these aerators influence dissolved oxygen (DO) levels and temperature across various areas and depths of a pond.

The Groundbreaking Study

The study used LakeTech's sophisticated buoy and sensor equipment to monitor DO levels and water temperature at different depths. Positioned about ten feet away from the central buoy, Kasco's surface aerator was tested to see its immediate and long-term impacts on the pond's water quality.

The Results

With Kasco's surface aerator turned on, immediate improvements were observed in the surface DO levels. Impressively, it took just eight hours for the improved DO to permeate down to a depth of five and a half feet, demonstrating the aerator's ability to quickly enhance the entire water column.

Data gathered by LakeTech


The study provided clear evidence that Kasco's surface aerators are effective tools for improving DO levels quickly, especially in shallow ponds. This collaboration between Kasco Marine and LakeTech serves as a reliable guide for anyone looking to improve their water bodies effectively.

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