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Beneficial Pond and Lake Bacteria Brought to You Through Our Partnerships with Naturalake Biosciences. On the Cutting Edge of Water Quality Science!

Biocatalyst products are primarily designed for use with or after the application of herbicides and algaecides in treatments for aquatic plants and algae.  They are used to enhance chemical uptake into aquatic plants and algal cells, speed the breakdown of the dead vegetation, and reduce the toxicity of herbicide and algaecide treatments to non target organisms.  All the formulations can be dissolved in a spray tank with chemicals and applied at the same time (Laws vary from State to State).  Each biocatalyst’s unique formulation and properties make them the best fit for particular applications.

We are a certified by Naturalake to provide you expert advise in your choice of product as well as their application. We also apply these products ourselves for our lake management clients and even in our own lake, Emery Reservoir in California!

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